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Joanna Isobel

Welcome to Joanna Isobel Art!

I'm Joanna, the founder, and I'm thrilled to share my passion for nature and art with you. With a background as an Early Years Professional, I've always been deeply inspired by the natural world. As a self-taught artist, I create unique pieces using only natural mediums. I forage for earth pigments, process them, and make my own art materials, ensuring that each piece of art is not only unique but also tells its own story of the earth.

For me, nature and art have always been therapeutic. They allow me to be present, process my thoughts, regulate my emotions, and clear my mind. In today's challenging world, it's more important than ever to introduce mindful practices early on. These practices help build positive coping strategies and secure foundations for life. Nature nurtures the mind, body, and soul, and creating art freely, without focusing on the outcome, shares these same values. The beauty of nature is that it's free and sustainable, benefiting both the planet and your finances.

I offer a variety of workshops and classes for all ages, collaborating with inspiring individuals to provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the magic of nature. Using simple, traditional techniques and processes, we create beautiful pieces of art and even our own art materials. Everything I use is eco-friendly, recycled, natural, foraged, and sustainable.

I've shared these practices with the children I've worked with and my own daughter, witnessing their joy and creativity. Now, I'm ready to expand and share these practices with you. Join me on a magical journey to feel truly connected and inspired by the natural world.

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