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Art with Nature in Care Homes 

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What's involved?


Mini Nature Artists is expanding its services to care homes to promote mindfulness and wellbeing through nature-based art.

Imagine a vibrant scene where the elderly residents of a care home come together, their faces lighting up with joy and curiosity as they delve into creating art with natural materials. Leaves, flowers, and twigs transform into beautiful collages, while delicate pressed flowers bring a touch of nature's beauty indoors.


Mini Nature Artists is more than just an art program; it’s a journey into mindfulness and wellbeing, where creativity flourishes and stress melts away. Each session becomes a tapestry of shared stories, laughter, and newfound friendships, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Join us in bringing the therapeutic magic of nature and art to those who will benefit most, turning ordinary days into extraordinary, joy-filled moments.

This initiative offers several benefits:

1. Mental Health: Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.


2. Cognitive Stimulation: Enhances memory and problem-solving skills.


3. Physical Health: Improves fine motor skills and coordination.

4. Social Interaction: Encourages socializing and community building.

5. Connection with Nature: Evokes positive feelings and memories.


Activities include collages, painting, mandalas, pressed flower art, and rock painting. Implementation involves assessing resident needs, training staff, sourcing materials, scheduling sessions, and gathering feedback for continuous improvement.

Mini Nature Artists' expansion into care homes has the potential to bring joy, creativity, and therapeutic benefits to many residents. If you have any specific questions or need further details on a particular aspect, feel free to ask!

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