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Children's Workshops


What's involved?

Offering a variety of workshops which due to the open ended natural resources and a focus on process and not product, can be catered for children as young as 1 year through to teenagers (I believe my eldest client so far was 85 years old, so there really is no limit!). The complexity of the workshop will depend on the age range and intent agreed with the customer. 


These include, but are not limited to:


*Clay with natural foraged materials


*Ink making with plants, vegetables and fruits


*Mud painting


*Transient art (creating changeable art with your natural surroundings)


*Flower pounding




​Children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process; feeling, exploring, experimenting, creating and returning to these concepts time and time again helping with processing and regulating their emotions.

​Life is full of challenges and it is more important than ever that we start to introduce mindful practices early on to build positive coping strategies and secure foundations for life. It is no big secret that nature nurtures the mind, body and soul and the process of creating art freely, with no outcome in mind, has the same values. 

Nature and process art both have healing properties and so by combining these we hope to bring you moments of peace, mindfulness and pure enjoyment, creating those precious memories to last a lifetime. 

Join me for a magical journey to feel truly connected and inspired by the natural world. 

​If you are interested in discussing any of these options further, or for a quote, please contact me directly with your requirements below.

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