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Summer of fun - Bracknell, Berkshire

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Summer of fun - clay workshop


August 2023



I was delighted to join Bracknell Town Council in August for their 'Summer of fun' event. I joined other local causes and businesses for a fabulous, well organised event, and wow....what a day it was!

It started with a slow and steady trickle of people, mainly parents and carers with their young children, spending time calmly exploring the clay and the array of natural resources on offer. Although the whole day was incredible, this was my favourite part as the slower pace allowed me to spend more time with people, talking, listening to their thoughts and watching the creative process in action. It is always pure magic, witnessing the peace and mindfulness as people of all ages engage in this process, some uncertain at the start, convinced they have to have an outcome in mind, but soon settling in to just enjoying the process and pure delight in what they create.

The rest of the day involved a queue of people waiting and increasing places to try and accommodate the number of people wanting to have a go. I had originally aimed my workshops and products towards under fives, as this is where my expertise is, but the age range of children (and adults), the time and level of engagement and enjoyment really proved that it doesn't matter your age or stage in life, nature and art is truly a mindful experience for all.

I managed to snap a few photos during the day, mainly of peoples creations which I can share with you here. Parents were amazed at what even the youngest of children created, and embraced the tranquillity in what was a very busy day. I even had several people ask if they could buy the sculptures for their homes and one little one confidently state that he would like to work with me...what a compliment! Some visitors had experience of creating with clay before, and for others it was their first time. Some had a set idea in mind, some created as they explored the materials and others simply explored the materials and then walked away with no creation but stating that they thoroughly enjoyed just playing.

I am still blown away by the level of creativity shown, the variety of ideas and problem solving skills used to create the sculptures. Such simple, natural materials used in so many different ways.

Nature truly is magic!

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