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Created in collaboration with Heart Smart Arts Ltd.


Designed for children of all ages, the materials are open ended and can be used in many different ways, meaning they are suitable for children as young as 18 months upwards. The beauty is in the simplicity, with a selection of natural items and all the tools you need, feel yourself inspired by nature, the magic is in the process so no thinking, just enjoy and create. 


In your pack you will find some air dry clay, a rolling pin and a variety of natural items (every pack is unique). What you create is entirely up to you!


By allowing your little one to explore and create independently, you are giving them the opportunity to express and regulate their own emotions, allowing them to connect with the materials, develop problem solving skills, explore cause and effect and build their confidence and sense of achievement. If you are purchasing this for yourself or a friend, mindfulness is the only goal!


Instructions printed on seeded paper, simply tear the card into smaller pieces, plant in a thin layer of compost in the sunshine and keep hydrated - then watch your flowers grow! Supplied by 


Clay Art Pack

  • Air dry clay. Drying time will vary, leave in a warm dry place until completely dry.

    If you decide to forage some some additional natural resources, please keep you and your little ones safe by making sure all plants are safe, follow this link for plants to avoid:  

    A Checklist of Potentially Harmful Plants / RHS Campaign for School Gardening

  • "My 2 and 3 year old absolutely loved playing with the activity box created by Jo. I have never seen my 3 year old so engaged with a craft activity- he was there for about 20 mins completely focused and was so proud of what he created.  He then did not want to put the box down😃😃- Thank you Jo! "

    "We spent the morning with Jo and the beautiful craft box she has created for kids.  My 3 year old loved opening the box and exploring what was inside.  She immediately got to work creating her little piece of art!
    Jo talked her through that she could use anything from her surroundings which prompted her to go and explore and pick flowers to add to her creation.
    I personally loved the box and contents, everything is eco friendly and you can clearly tell it was put together with passion and love!
    This is definitely worth having in your pocket for a lovely kids activity!"

    "As most mums will appreciate, finding time to fit in crafts can be tricky, especially with two little ones! Jo’s beautiful craft boxes take all the stress out of thinking of what materials to use and of course where to source them! Both my two and three year old were excited to open their boxes and the contents didn’t disappoint! Inside were a collection of beautiful natural objects, which provided the opportunity for them to create using their own imaginations. My two year old especially enjoyed manipulating the clay and my three year old loved the open ended element where he could continue to add to his creation using other natural items he had collected himself.
    This not only engaged them for a considerable period of time, but it was something we all enjoyed as a family. Would highly recommend these amazing boxes. Thanks again Jo!"

    "We explored the craft boxes with Jo in the outdoors. My three year old found the activities engaging and calming. She loved that elements of nature could be added to her creations and used the clay to make several different designs.
    The boxes took away the time needed to set up and pack away and were brilliant for an on the go activity as well as at home. I also loved that the contents are all child directed and my child only wanted help to roll out the clay. Otherwise she was so happy to be independent and not be restricted by a supposed outcome. The boxes were a great talking point and something we definitely want to do again!"


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