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Created in collaboration with Heart Smart Arts Ltd.


Designed for children of all ages, the materials are open ended and can be used in many different ways, meaning they are suitable for children as young as 18 months upwards. Find yourself immersed and in awe of the magic of nature, collecting plants and flowers to create your very own natural inks. Add a little science and watch colours transform in front of your eyes!


In your pack you will find a hand crafted mortar and pestle, collecting bag, bamboo paper, paintbrush and the magic ingredient to make the inks. 


By introducing you little one to the simple science of creating inks using natural, foraged materials, you are opening them up to a world of curiosity, exploring cause and effect, mindfulness and an appreciation for the natural world. If you are purchasing this for yourself or a friend, find yourself feeling grounded in this meditative process and enjoy the journey!


Instructions printed on seeded paper, simply tear the card into smaller pieces, plant in a thin layer of compost in the sunshine and keep hydrated - then watch your flowers grow! Supplied by 



Mortar and pestle supplied by COLLECTORSHOPCOUK

Natural Inks Art Pack

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