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Created in collaboration with Heart Smart Arts Ltd.


Designed for children of all ages, the materials are open ended and can be used in many different ways, meaning they are suitable for children as young as 18 months upwards. The beauty is in the simplicity, with a selection of natural items and a wooden frame you can create your very own transient art. Feel yourself inspired by nature, creating changing patterns and pictures and maybe even tell a story along the way. The magic is in the process so no thinking, just enjoy and create.


In your pack you will find a wooden frame, collecting bag and various natural items.


What is transient art?

Transient art is art made with moveable pieces. The purpose is to create art that is not permanent and can evolve. It can be created anywhere with the materials you have available. It gives children the opportunity to create and explore ideas freely, to move, change and experiment removing the pressure of expectations. It can be used as a tool to explore and discuss emotions or even for storytelling. It encourages self-expression, imagination, creativity and engages both sides of the brain.

Simply use the frame provided as a base and move the items around to create patterns, images or even tell stories. Let your little one lead the way and embrace the journey.


Instructions printed on seeded paper, simply tear the card into smaller pieces, plant in a thin layer of compost in the sunshine and keep hydrated - then watch your flowers grow! Supplied by


Transient Art Pack

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